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Reel Gardening has a sister Non-Profit organization called Reel Life NPC.

Whilst Reel Gardening is a social enterprise, prioritizing positive social impact, Reel Life NPC can be used as the vehicle of change if necessary for the sponsoring partner.

Both organisations strive to create a healthier, more connected and happier world.

Growing food not only impacts a person’s ability to take control of their food security. It has a myriad of other benefits, including instilling a connection to nature, responsibility, patience, relaxation and problem solving. Whether a few pots on your windowsill or a whole veggie patch in the garden, the process of growing food will improve your quality of life.

It is important to Reel Gardening that this process is accessible to anybody.

However many of the people we work with, and who want to embark on this growing journey, don’t have the capacity to purchase the Reel Gardening Products themselves.

Reel Gardening is determined to help these people start their own successful vegetable gardens.

We do this in 2 ways: Through our sponsored social impact projects, and internally through our Buy One Donate One business model.

Sponsors enable natural, economical Reel Gardening Vegetable gardens to be set up for beneficiary organisations in need.

Sponsored Impact Projects

For every Reel Gardening product sold, we donate seed tape to a person in need.


Buy One, Give One


Do you know of an organisation or charity that needs help starting a garden?