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Spring is about warmer weather and outdoor activities, but as the weather warms the outdoors visitors start appearing. Yes it is time for all the bugs that have been in hiding to start popping out and visit your garden.

We had our #BeneficialBugs series running for the past few months on social media. This series gave you much needed information and fun facts about the bugs that are beneficial to your vegetable garden. If you’ve missed or forgotten them, here is some valuable information to remind you which bugs to appreciate:

Now that it’s raining more often, you’re bound to find one or two of these in your garden. They have no eyes, legs or lungs, but did you know that the presence of earthworms in your garden is a sign that your soil is healthy? They clean your soil, keep it aerated and build soil fertility through their digestion of organic matter. Add more organic matter to your soil to attract more earthworms. The healthier your soil is, the better your vegetable harvest! Watch this video to see how earthworms break down organic matter in the soil…/…/1953007288304781/
Praying Mantis
This majestic insect enjoys preying on those pests that feast on your vegetables. So next time you spot one in your garden, let it continue with its daily duty.
Lady Bugs
Lady bugs are more than just a pretty visitor in your garden, did you know that they can eat up to 60 aphids per day? Lady bugs are nature’s nurses who protect your plants, leaving you with peace of mind.
These eight (or sometimes less due to misfortune) legged creatures creep out a lot of people, but don’t let their bad rep fool you because these predators are welcome in your veggie garden. They trap the nasty pests in their spider-webs, so that you don’t have to get rid of them yourself and many of them are not harmful to humans. #beneficialbugs #reelgardening
The saying “dynamites come in small packages” may sound cliché, but is true when it comes to the lacewing.
You might dismiss this tiny bug as too small to do anything, but you would be wrong! The lacewing is responsible for the elimination of pests such as aphids, caterpillars, and white flies.
Who would’ve thought? Next time you see one or ten in your veggie garden, assume they’re there to feast on those nasty pests that want to destroy your beloved garden #BeneficialBugs #OrganicGardening
Butterflies have more to them than just beautiful colours that catch your eye in the sunlight as they flutter in our gardens. Many people don’t know what exactly butterflies do and how helpful they are as pollinators in our veggie gardens. While they feed on nectar from the flowers they land on, they collect pollen with their feet (that also happen to be their taste receptors) and they move pollen from one flower to the next. This fertilises the plant so that it can produce seeds and fruit. #BeneficialBugs#OrganicGardening
Ground Beetles
Weeds can ruin your vegetable garden, which is why you need to stop them at the source. Luckily, ground beetles have developed a taste for the seeds, but don’t worry, their prefered flavour comes from weeds and the seeds that weeds produce.

So the next time you see one of these critters in your garden keep them around as your little soldiers that defend your garden.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this and found it informative.

You can add some Organic Soil Food to your garden to keep your soil healthy and happy for your earthworms, unlike most fertilisers that ward off the beneficial bug!