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It is officially 2019 and we all have ambitions and goals for the New Year! Most of us have the tradition of setting New Years resolutions. These new years resolutions tend to revolve around health, you know, eating less unhealthy foods or starting to eat green smoothies, but most of them fail. Yikes right? Nope, we have this under control; I will be giving you some tips on how to achieve your resolutions! So let this blog be your motivation to kick some bad habits out and introduce some new delicious healthy food in. P.s I will share my New Years resolutions and a fun new healthy delish smoothie recipe!!

Rule numero uno! Set Realistic Goals!!


While it can be positive and completely healthy to have goals for the New Year, one must set realistic expectations and hold themselves to attainable short term and long term goals for the year. To improve our lives we tend to commit to some crazy new years resolutions, like running a million Kilometers everyday or eating nothing but plain raw kale. These kinds of resolutions are counter-productive and can be mentally and physically unhealthy.


Many people quit and give up on their new years resolution before February even starts. Setting unrealistic expectations leads to a lack motivation, a feeling of disappointment and a fear to ever try again.

Secondly I only start my Resolution on the second week of Jan!


This way I am back at work; back in my routine, I can schedule my new years resolution into my day-to-day activities so it becomes part of my lifestyle and thus I am less likely to fail.
We tend to think if we not following our resolutions from the 1st of January we might as well give up as we have already failed or missed the boat. This is a huge mistake; don’t set yourself up to fail! While our Stomachs are still full,  from constant festive season eating as family occasions are still going on and aunty Sally’s irresistible pudding and other temptations are lurking in every corner, it might not be the time to test your will power.

Be Specific!


You can set as many goals as you like but be realistic and specific this way you know exactly what you would like to achieve and its not just some vague idea that might never happen. Don’t just say my new years resolution is to be healthier or lose weight, you need to say how you’re going to be healthier. You need to establish:
What are you going to do to be healthier?
When are you going to do it?
How many times a week?
If you skip what is the repercussion?
Schedule it!

My New Years Resolution…


Broadly, my new years resolution was to be healthier. Instead of dieting or restricting things (which don’t usually work as new years resolutions) I chose rather to add healthier food options into my diet. These options could help keep me full for longer (making sure I don’t go and grab one of my unhealthy habit foods) and give me more nutrients and energy = healthier me, yay!

What, When, How?


My new years resolutions were simply:

1. To drink a glass of lemon water, first thing in the morning when I wake up, while I water my garden.

2. To make and have my spinach (freshly picked from my Reel Garden) blueberry protein superfood health smoothie after my morning cardio session 6 days a week.

I also decided that if I missed a day (don’t quit this happens to all of us, life is busy!) I would have to do a full set of jump squats the minute I arrive home (not fun, lol). This way I have set realistic goals, I am very clear on what I must do, and I am plenty motivated to achieve it!

I know, I know, you want my smoothie recipe… it’s a powerful meal and absolutely delicious 😉


This smoothie is great as a post workout meal and is full of protein, healthy fats and nutrients which is great for your muscles and joints and aids in repair after exercise!
*Makes 2



1 cup Almond milk

1 Scoop Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder

1tsp Hemp Seed Powder

1tsp Maca Powder

pinch Cinnamon

handful of Seed mix (mine is flax, sunflower, sesame and pumkin)

handful of Goji Berries

Tbsp Chia Seeds

1tsp Tahini

2 Pitted Dates

handful frozen blueberries

handful of fresh raw spinach

handful of ice


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth. If the smoothie is a bit thick you may add water depending on your preference. If you need more energy or carbs in this meal you can add oats to it and have it as a smoothie bowl.. yummy!

So if you plan on being a healthier this year or you have decided to try Veganuary or if you are looking for ideas or you are being more plant based or made new years resolutions you struggling to stick with, I hope this blog had been insightful and has helped you. Now that we are more equipped to achieve our new years resolutions, BRING 2019 ON!


Let us know how your resolutions are going in comments section below…


Wishing You All an Abundance of

Herbs, Health and Happiness xx