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Growing food not only impacts a person’s ability to take control of their food security. It has a myriad of other benefits, including instilling a connection to nature, responsibility, patience, relaxation and problem solving. Whether a few pots on your windowsill or a whole veggie patch in the garden, the process of growing food will improve your quality of life.



As a social enterprise it is important to Reel Gardening that this process is accessible to anybody and everybody. It was with this in mind we team up with Hours 2 Impact and created our online Volunteer Training Programme. Hours 2 Impact is a Digital Volunteer Training Platform that helps non-profit organisations and social enterprises create online programmes to remotely upskill their volunteers so that they are of the greatest benefit. Reel Gardening has worked with Hours 2 Impact to create a programme that transforms our volunteers into equipped trainers who can adequately create large gardens and teach people how to look after those gardens in natural, economical ways.



This programme which usually costs R750 is now available for FREE during the lockdown period. The importance of being able to grow your own food during this time is essential to all who would like to live more sustainably and self-efficiently. We would like to enable everyone to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to not only succeed with their own food garden, but to eventually teach others to do the same and spread the planting revolution.


We have worked through various sponsors and partners and trainers to reach as many people as we can, however we can only reach as far as our network extends. This programme can grow our network and make our vision of everyone growing their own food sustainably a reality. In order to further this reach and grow our network, we are calling on anyone who shares our vision to complete and share this online training course with all your friends.




During this programme you’ll learn:

• How to select a beneficiary
• How to respectfully work with beneficiaries
• Selecting a location
• Land Preparation and planting
• Teaching Garden care and Maintenance

(composting, natural pesticides, trellising, etc)




Programme includes:

• 90 minutes worth of training video
• Downloadable workbook
• In-garden checklists
• Test
• Certificate of Recognition as a Reel Gardening


Volunteer Trainer (valid for 1 year)




Take the time to upskill yourself and complete our online Volunteer Training Programme so you will be able to create vegetable gardens for yourself and people in need in your community when the time is right.



Many of the people we work with, and who want to embark on this growing journey, don’t have the capacity to purchase the Reel Gardening Products themselves.


Reel Gardening is determined to help these people start their own successful vegetable gardens. This is why we have our ‘Buy One, Give One’ model which means for For every Reel Gardening product sold, we donate seed tape to a person in need. That means that for every purchase you make, you are helping someone start their own vegetable garden. Reel Gardening works with carefully selected beneficiary partners to ensure that all donations have the maximum social impact. We also implement sponsored Impact projects such as large school and community gardens and educational grow pod gardens. If you’d like to help sponsor a community/school and equip people with the vital skill of growing food, Reel Gardening will work with you and the community/school to create a project that suits your budget and your needs. . If you would like to learn more vist our Social Impact page:




Reel Gardening prioritizes accessibility and sustainability. We want to ensure that everyone we work with feels confident in their ability to keep a successful garden, and that these gardens continue to be a success long after Reel Gardening is no longer involved. All of our products, training methods and content are targeted to fulfilling these objectives.


During this time of uncertainty we all need to create positive change and be as truly impactful as possible. We hope you and many others complete our now free online course and join on this journey to get everyone growing sustainable food gardens. Click the link below to enroll in the course:



Happy Planting and Learning!