Buy Your Own Household Food Garden


Buy your own Household Food Garden, to increase your own food security at home. This solution, enables you to feed a family of 4 for a whole year, per household garden planted. All you needs is 16sqm of space, and a little bit of water. Using our Reel Gardening App will assist in knowing what to do when, depending on what you plant, and when.

This box comes with extra information on appropriate crop rotations, for you to maximise the space you have available, as well as to ensure the nutritious value of their harvest.

Each Kit contains:

  • 12 envelopes marked from Jan – December. Each envelope contains 60 seed sachets (15 x 4 varietals) to plant each month.
  • A planting guide which shows you how to lay out the bed so that crop location is taken into account to maintain soil integrity.
  • Organic fertiliser sticks to aid growth when needed.
  • Watering Spout which can be screwed onto any plastic 2l soda bottle.
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