Grow Pod


No space for a vegetable garden? No problem! The Grow Pod is a portable vegetable garden that can be placed on most flat outdoor surfaces and/ or balconies. It is made from a breathable, UV Stabilized material of recycled cold drink bottles which help retain water so that you don’t have to use much when watering.

Each Grow Pod Contains:

  1. 9 units Reel Gardening Seed Tape, packed according to month and place of planting
  2. Grow Bag (97cm diameter x 30cm tall)
  3. Weed Guard Cover to prevent rapid water evaporation & weeds
  4. Water Spout
  5. 1 x Soil Food bag
  6. Digital Reel Easy Guide to Growing

Select your region and season you want to plant in.

Un-Planted product will keep for 18 months if stored in a cool and dry place.

Reel Gardening is passionate about growing it forward and we are helping you to get involved.  By choosing to purchase your grow pod directly from us we are able to deliver one to you AND we then give an additional one to a person in need on your behalf through our many school and community initiatives. 

Grow it Forward with the Grow Pod!

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