Monthly Sachet Garden in a Box (Red)


This Monthly Sachet Garden in a Box (Red) is a great way to start the process of increasing your own food security at home. This solution, enables you to feed a family of 4, every day, for a month. All you need is 4sqm of space, and a little bit of water. Using our Reel Gardening App, you will be assisted in knowing what to do when, depending on what you plant, and when.

This product contains:

  • 1 envelope which contains 60 seed sachets (15 x 4 varietals: Carrot; Cabbage; Spinach & Tomato)
  • A planting pamphlet on how to plant our seed sachets.

This is a great starter kit, and introductory process into planting the Household Garden in a Box.


Un planted product will keep for 18 months if stored in a cool, dark and dry place.