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*Please note that this product is for donation only. If you purchase this product it will be donated to communities in need across South Africa.
The SOUL SEED Initiative

Reel Gardening is happy to announce we are working with Soul Food on their Soul Seed initiative. The aim of this project is to help alleviate hunger, especially during COVID-19 pandemic which has economically impacted our already constrained vulnerable communities.

Soul Food delivers food parcels to various communities all around South Africa. These food parcels and social grants are only a short term solution. To reach more people and create a lasting impact on food security the Soul Seed initiative is being launched this January, to enable people to grow their own food and to empower those most affected to feed their families. These healthy vegetables can be eaten, bartered or sold.

The Soul Seed we have developed comes with fertiliser sticks and a water spot that, once attached to an old cooldrink bottle easily makes any old bottle a watering can. This Soul Seed kit can grow 36kg of vegetables which will provide 480 servings of vegetables per month. This equals the recommended 4 servings of vegetables per day, for each member of a family of four, for a month.

  • 5 varietals of vegetables, 40 sachets of each.
  • 40 fertilizer sticks.
  • 1 x water spout.
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