Soup Garden In a Box™


Making a heartwarming and creamy soup at home is easy, but did you know that planting and growing the ingredients in your garden is even easier? Source your organic ingredients straight from your garden with the Soup Garden In a Box.

Reel Gardening sources the best non-GMO seed for our patented and handmade seed tape. The seed tape anchors into the soil each vegetable variety at the correct depth and the correct distance apart, so that you don’t have to figure that out yourself.

Our Soup Gardens In a Box are packed with carefully selected vegetables and herbs that are easy to grow, and are packed according to companion planting principles

Contains 5 varieties of vegetables and herbs from the Reel Gardening Range

Butternut, Carrot, Onion, Chilli and Parsley

Additionally includes companion planting flower sachets

Will plant an area of 2m²

  1. 5 minutes to plant
  2. Harvest in 60-90 days
  3. High Quality non-GMO seed already inside the biodegradable paper
  4. When watered consistently, the biodegradable paper disintegrates after 6 weeks and adds nutrients to the soil
  5. Saves 80% water in the germination phase.
  6. Get fresh organic vegetables and herbs daily for 3 Months

Grows best when planted in Spring and Summer

Un-Planted product will keep for 18 months if stored in a cool and dry place.