Sponsored Impact Projects

Sponsors enable natural, economical Reel Gardening Vegetable gardens to be set up for beneficiary organisations in need.

Large school and community vegetable gardens are able to supplement meals with a variety of fresh vegetables or form the basis of an entrepreneurial project.

These large gardens will require a lot of time and care. Reel Gardening Trainers will work with the selected garden carers to teach them everything they need to know to look after their new garden and make it a success.

Reel Gardening prioritises accessibility and sustainability. We want to ensure that everyone we work with feels confident in their ability to keep a successful garden, and that these gardens continue to be a success long after Reel Gardening is no longer involved. All of our products, training methods and content are targeted to fulfilling these objectives.

If you wish to sponsor a large school or community garden project, Reel Gardening will work with you and the beneficiary to create a vegetable garden project that suits their needs and your budget.

Large Garden Project Proposal

Sometimes, regardless of the need, it is not practical to create a large vegetable garden for a school. These large gardens require a lot of space and a lot of time and effort to maintain.

If you can’t create a vegetable garden big enough to supplement meals for the whole school, you can teach the whole school how to grow their own food instead.

The Reel Gardening Grow Pod School Project will enable every grade to plant a small, educational garden right near their classrooms. The Grow Pod Gardens are linked to a CAPS-aligned Educational Workbook for grades 1-7. This workbook will help teachers incorporate food growing into their normal classroom activities.

If you’d like to help a school equip their learners with the vital skill of growing food, Reel Gardening will work with you and the school to create a project that suits your budget and your needs.

School Grow Pod Project Proposal