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The new Reel Gardening Autumn Beefood box now contains pansy!


This fun, beautiful and vibrant flower is a favourite in any garden and the bees love them.

Here are some great reasons why we have added pansy to our Autumn Beefood, and why you should add them to your garden:

  • They are beautiful making your garden a visual gem, especially as they can bloom in winter when everything is usually dry and barren.
  • The flowers are bright and come in various colours which attracts beneficial insects to your garden such as pollinating bees 🙂
  • They can grow through any season and are a great food source for bees in winter when food is scarce for them.
  • They are edible and go great in salads, puddings and cake decorating.
  • They have a beautiful fragrance which is said to be perfume-like and the most potent scent belongs to the blue or yellow pansy flowers.